Christmas Card

christmas-card-teaserMost people like Christmas. No. Actually, everyone loves Christmas! Because of this we’re going to make wonderful Christmas Cards for our course of study. Two groups of twelve students are working really hard so you can enjoy some special gifts for the holidays. Handmade. With love.

Our specialists in graphic design, functional printed electronics & finishing treatment searched nonstop for the perfect Christmas Card of 2013. Different interests prompted us to create two ambitious groups with two beautiful, different designs.

For each group there is one project manager. These project managers, Egor and Fabienne, are both handled by Prof. Keif, our helpful group advisor. Learn more about our team on our new site.
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First of all – what are the basics for a nice christmas card? Learn more about the concept >>

Super-precision, cutting, and marking: the laser cutter >>

You like graphics? We have more than one design. See our new drafts >>

So much information! So what have we done that you can hold your Christmas Card in your hands? Have a look!
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