Drafts - Christmas Card


There are many problems with finding the perfect design. It’s far more challenging than simply making a graphic. Issues like size, maximum shipping weight, and estimating production time also come into play with design development.

We love Christmas traditions – remembering old ones and creating new ones…… This year we had the opportunity to send a special handmade Christmas-card around the globe. Instead of sending the same card to everyone, we decided to create two designs.

At first we printed rough drafts until we had reached the perfect design.
Electronic, pop-up cards are fun to receive. For us young students, the process of creating the card requires not only creativity but also spacial reasoning.

Team Egor Drafts

Flat design, minimalist, and clear. Modern design for a modern christmas. It is inspired by modern-art and represents the University of Munich print and media. To make the card special we decided to choose bright colors.

Team Egor - Draft 1

First draft for the printed electronics version



Small edition for mailing


Team Fabienne

Draft front Team FabienneDraft inside Team Fabienne


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